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  6. 1. You can signup for free and get access to packs on the forum, along with video downloads on our main homepage: https://thotbook.tv 2. With a free account, you must reply to each thread you want to download from, then the free link will be unlocked. All free links are still hidden behind a spammy - wait time link. You have to sit through the ads or whatever else they ask you to do to unlock the download link. 3. VIP Thotbook members (5$) can use the direct link, and do not have to go through the spammy link. They also do not have to reply to threads. All advertisements are removed and they can use the video download button on the main homepage as much as they want. 4. Both VIP members and free members are still subject to download rules in place by Tezfiles, packs on Thotbook are uploaded to Tezfiles. Tezfiles allows free members to download up to 10-15GB a day, any packs larger than 10-15GB require a premium tezfiles account (NOT the same thing as a Thotbook VIP account, so essentially there are two accounts that you can signup for, one here on thotbook and one on tezfiles). You must use this link: https://tezfiles.com/store/891ebc1402e4f/premium or the link on any of the tezfiles downloads on our forum, to create your premium account. Do not signup directly on tezfiles.com without using that specific link. 5. Free members download speeds from tezfiles is 200kb/s, premium members should get about 2000kb/s or more (and can download 40GB a day) 6. There are some packs on the forum that are larger than 40GB, they have been split into parts. 7. This is the best we can do, please read the info carefully and make sure you are confident you are interested in paid access before signing up. We will try to provide support but we will not provide refunds. Anyone calling us a scam or adding an unreasonable amount of complaints will be banned. VIP Signup
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